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Projects under this Theme

SL Theme Project Title Select
1 Pandemic Crisis Rapid Assessment & Final Evaluation of “Contribute to the COVID-19 Reduction of Community Transmission by Empowering People” Project View
2 Pandemic Crisis Indirect Effects of COVID-19 on Essential Health and Nutrition Services (EHNS) in Bangladesh/A4655 (The Project) View
3 Pandemic Crisis Social And Behaviour Monitoring on Risk Communication and Community Engagement of UNICEF Programme Interventions, In Cox’s Bazar Including in Rohingya Refugees Camps View
4 Pandemic Crisis Qualitative Research for “Mass Masking Campaign’ under RPG-Covid Research (A.3.5) project View
5 Pandemic Crisis COVID 19 infections in the slum: an anthropological exploration View
6 Pandemic Crisis Process Evaluation of “Returnee Migrants’ program” View
7 Pandemic Crisis Political Economy of COVID-19 Governance in Bangladesh View
8 Pandemic Crisis Indirect Effects of Covid-19 On Essential Health And Nutrition Services (EHNs) In Bangladesh: A Qualitative Study View
9 Pandemic Crisis “COVID-19 and Employment Related Adjustments: Findings from Household Survey in Bangladesh” and “An assessment of the effectiveness of delivering the relief supports to cope with COVID- 19 in Bangladesh” View
10 Pandemic Crisis COVID-19 Rapid Urban Assessment Survey in Bangladesh View
11 Pandemic Crisis Midterm Review 2021 for Jashore and Benapole Paurashavas and Gazipur City Corporation (zone 1 and zone 4) under WASH SDG Programme View