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Poverty and Vulnerability

Poverty and Vulnerability

Poverty means reduced or lack of access to material, economic, social, political or cultural resources required fulfilling basic needs and is caused from unemployment, social exclusion, high vulnerability of certain population to disasters and diseases as well as other phenomena which prevent them from being productive. Poverty and vulnerability are not only an issue of lack of income and resources, but also leads to hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and other basic services, social discrimination and exclusion and also lack of participation in decision-making.

According to a UN report about 836 million people still live in extreme poverty struggling to fulfill the most basic needs while many people still risk slipping back into poverty and another 30 million children are growing up poor. However, poverty is not isolated to only rural or urban areas and both rural and urban poverty has the same negative outcomes and unique challenges. With the same tone of sustainable development goals dRi is also committed to put an effort to eradicate poverty in all its dimensions through its gentle research initiative and make sure that poor and vulnerable have equal rights to economic resources, access to basic services, ownership and control over land and other forms of property, inheritance, natural resources, appropriate new technology and financial services.

Our expertise includes Research Design & Measurement, Feasibility Study, Socio Economic Study, vulnerability assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation, Impact Evaluation etc. employing advanced and contemporary quantitative and qualitative research tools.

Projects under this Theme

SL Theme Project Title Select
1 Poverty and Vulnerability Urban Graduation Trajectories Research In Bangladesh (Round 03) View
2 Poverty and Vulnerability Urban Graduation Trajectories Research In Bangladesh (Round 02) View
3 Poverty and Vulnerability Urban Graduation Trajectories Research In Bangladesh (Round 01) View
4 Poverty and Vulnerability The Asian Development Bank and the Asia Foundation’s four-country (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand) study on “Access to Justice for the Urban Poor” View
5 Poverty and Vulnerability Survey on Maternity Benefits for Formal Sector Workers View
6 Poverty and Vulnerability Socio-ecological Vulnerability, Social Protection and Migration: An examination of fisheries livelihoods in coastal Bangladesh View
7 Poverty and Vulnerability Situation Analysis and Potential Intervention Options for Bangladesh: Special Initiative Framework View
8 Poverty and Vulnerability Resilience Focused Baseline Survey, Eco-fish BD Plus Project View
9 Poverty and Vulnerability Renters are renters! Assessing tenants-renters relationship in Dhaka’s low income settlements built on private lands View
10 Poverty and Vulnerability Qualitative study on Social Norms, Bangladesh View
11 Poverty and Vulnerability Qualitative Research on Impacts of Covid-19 on Urban Extreme Poor View
12 Poverty and Vulnerability Psychological Well-being Research View
13 Poverty and Vulnerability Pathway to Sustainable Development and Human Dignity and Choice View
14 Poverty and Vulnerability Participatory Factory Mapping Research (PFMR View
15 Poverty and Vulnerability Minimizing Digital Divide View
16 Poverty and Vulnerability Mid-term Evaluation of the Pro-Poor Initiative for Disaster Risk Reduction Understanding Climate Vulnerability and Economic Development (PRODUCE) Project View
17 Poverty and Vulnerability Final Evaluation of the Irish Aid Programme Grant in Bangladesh View
18 Poverty and Vulnerability Final Evaluation of ‘Empowering the Poor through Federations’ (EPF) project View
19 Poverty and Vulnerability Feasibility Study on Extending Recruitment of Trainees in Other Districts for NARI Project View
20 Poverty and Vulnerability F02121 USAID Backsliding Country Case Studies: Bangladesh View
21 Poverty and Vulnerability Economic Inclusion Activities in Bangladesh View
22 Poverty and Vulnerability Development of Skills ‘Household Survey 2018’ View
23 Poverty and Vulnerability Delivering SDGs at the Local Level: A Study on the Efficiency of Social Protection Programmes in the North-west Districts of Bangladesh View
24 Poverty and Vulnerability Conducting assessment of households fulfilling the eligibility criteria for enrolment into the Maternal Allowance and Lactating Mothers Allowance (MALMA) programs, and Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) programme in Cox’s-Bazar district View
25 Poverty and Vulnerability Conducting a Survey for the Project on Coordinated Country Case Studies – Innovation and Growth (CCS-14PG) of Raising Productivity of SME’s Bangladesh View
26 Poverty and Vulnerability Conducting a Follow up/Midline Survey to Evaluate the Impact of Providing Vouchers that Make Loan Repayment More Flexible for Eligible Dabi & Progoti Borrowers View
27 Poverty and Vulnerability Conducting a Baseline Survey to Evaluate the Impact of Providing Vouchers that Make Loan Repayment More Flexible for Eligible Dabi & Progoti Borrowers View
28 Poverty and Vulnerability Community and Institutional Responses to the Challenges facing poor Urban People in an era of Global Warming in Bangladesh View
29 Poverty and Vulnerability Climate Related Shocks and Stresses, Coping Strategies and their Consequences: A Pilot Study in Barguna View
30 Poverty and Vulnerability Best practice documentation of the project “Empowering the poor through federations” of RDRS, Bangladesh View
31 Poverty and Vulnerability Bangladesh Rural Enterprise Survey View
32 Poverty and Vulnerability Bangladesh View
33 Poverty and Vulnerability Alternative care study in Bangladesh View
34 Poverty and Vulnerability A0710 GEFA Longitudinal Monitoring and Independent Impact Assessment of CLP-02 View
35 Poverty and Vulnerability “Impact evaluation of providing vouchers that make loan repayment more flexible for BRAC’s eligible Dabi and Progoti borrowers”. View